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Inter Agency Council is proud to host the Salem County Women's Conference.

The first annual Salem County Women’s Conference, “Building Strong Women for Success”, in October, 2008, over one hundred women from diverse backgrounds heard and spoke with several inspiring individuals who shared their time and insights.  Evaluations of the event reflected the positive reactions that were visible that day.  

The 2009 event motivated women experiencing difficult circumstances that create barriers to success.  Salem County has the second-highest percentage of births to girls ages 10 to 19 in New Jersey.  At this time, 11% of Salem County births are to girls in this age range; the national average is 4.25%.  Also, increasing crime, substance abuse and gang activity challenge the ability of Salem County women to succeed.  

The supports and activities implemented at the conference better prepare Salem County women to meet life demands.  It is vital to reach out to this population to offer them stability and empowerment.  We must ensure that Salem County’s mothers, wives, daughters and sisters have the skills needed to serve in multiple roles to the best of their ability and are capable of passing that essence to the next generation.  

The 2010 conference focused on quality of life issues for women.